Light Station

The Kennebec River Range Lights and Fog Bell Tower are unique in appearance, and also in their environmental settings. The lights are set above a tidal marsh rich with wildflowers, marsh grass, and mammal and aquatic wildlife. The bell tower rises from a granite projection into the Kennebec just south of Doubling Point; it is set among evergreens.

With each season these structures and their environment take on different and delightful looks. The Keepers have collected some views of the range lights and fog bell tower that show the charm of the cascading seasons on the coast of Maine..

These pictures are copyright The Range Light Keepers. We hope you enjoy them!

Fall, Front Tower
The Front Tower from the Keeper's House Lawn

From the West
View from the West Shore

Geese in Winter
The Front Light in Winter, from the Marsh

Geese in Winter
Geese in Early March