About Us

The Range Light Keepers is a group of interested local Maine citizens and visitors who are participating in an historic opportunity to maintain and preserve an important piece of the maritime history of Maine. Our group believes that the future of the State of Maine lies in its ability to remain a unique place and further, that the preservation of our "special" places is an important way to ensure this. People live in Maine, move here or visit here because there are sights and sounds and smells that can be found nowhere else. The Kennebec River Range Lights are a small vignette on the Kennebec River that makes up an overall impression of what Maine is. We feel it is very important to preserve those small scenes.

The Kennebec River Range Lights, located at Fiddler's Reach on the Kennebec River, were included as two of the 36 lighthouses whose ownership has been transferred by the Coast Guard to qualifying groups. This transfer allows these beautiful properties to be maintained according to strict historical, environmental, and architectural guidelines established by the Maine Lighthouse Selection Committee, at little or no cost to the federal government.

In addition to the lighthouses, the Keepers have undertaken, also under the Maine Lights legislation, to restore and maintain the historic Kennebec River Fog Signal and Bell Tower. At present this venerable structure is in danger of collapse; the Keepers will strive to prevent further deterioration of this famous landmark.

The Range Light Keepers intend to preserve the range lights and bell tower to ensure that there is no aesthetic degradation and that their uniquely beautiful form is not sacrificed to guarantee continued function. For thousands of people who annually use the Kennebec River for both business and recreation, the sight of these structures is a great pleasure. Along with the other lights on the river, they represent an important historical commitment made 100 years ago by the United States Government to protect and enhance river traffic and promote the local economy. The Coast Guard still considers their function to be critical to safety of traffic on the waterway. We see the lights as an integral part of the other historic navigational aids at Doubling Point and it is our intention to make that connection an important one.

Because there are presently several limiting factors to the use of the Range Lights as a destination, most notably the lack of public access, our focus will be to preserve the historic scene on the river as it has been viewed for 100 years. The complex of structures comprising the Kennebec River Range Lights Station - which includes the two light towers, the keeper's house and the oil house - was nominated by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

We have entered into a relationship with The Maine Maritime Museum that will allow us to present information and history about the Range Lights and Fog Signal both at the museum and to the passengers on` their cruise ships. If, at some future date, site access may be gained from the river, there are plans to include a tour of the Range Lights as part of one of their special lighthouse cruises. Additionally, the museum is involved with area Boy Scout troops and administers a program that culminates in the awarding of a merit badge. The scouts visit and learn about four light stations, one of which will be the Kennebec River Range Lights.

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